Local Businesses we love

Central PA is home to a variety of unique locally owned specialty stores and businesses. 

Shopping locally is one of the most powerful ways to support the local economy, as well as keeping our area diverse and interesting!

Plum Bottom has been a family owned independent store in Harrisburg since 1977.  Now owned by two local women, one of our missions is to connect customers with other businesses we hope they will love, too. 


Classic Dry Cleaners

In addition to cleaning and water repel services for leather & suede boots (and coats, purses & shoes), they also offer a full range of repair services. If the calf area of your leather or suede boots is too snug, they can stretch them. Keep your dream pair  from Plum Bottom looking fabulous for years!


Little Black Dress

Fun, flirty and colorful!  Don't let the name Little Black Dress fool you--you'll find a variety of styles from dressy to casual in a myriad of the season's freshest colors.


Carmina Cristina

Camp Hill is home to Central PA's premier makeup artist, Carmina Cristina. Featuring her signature make-up line and workshops that demonstrate how to achieve your perfect look.